Red Kite Baby Go Round Twist Walker

Only £42.00 FREE Delivery in the UK down from £45.00

The Baby Go Round Twist from The Red Kite Baby Co Ltd is a bright, stand out rocker walker which is sure to get a thumbs up from little ones. The Baby Go Round Twist boasts many different ways to capture the attention of its little owners- starting with its 2 in 1 feature of either walker or rocker mode. The Baby Go Round Twist has musical and interactive features, starting with its electrical tray, full with activities for little ones to enjoy! Also to the side of the Baby Go Round Twist’s tray are additional toys to play with. The Baby Go Round Twist is adjustable to three different heights, making sure that growing babies are able to continue enjoying their walker for a prolonged period of time. The safety of Baby Go Round Twists little owners is taken care of with a deep padded seat – offering great back support, the Stop and Go strips help maintain a safe speed for those destined for 100 meter glory!

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