NERF Modulus Regulator Toy

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Kids can build their blaster for any mission or battle with the fully motorised Nerf Regulator blaster! With Switch Fire Technology, choose 1 of 3 firing modes; flip the switch to choose single-fire to fire 1 dart per trigger pull; select burst-fire to blast several darts per trigger pull; and switch to continuous-fire to continuously fire the darts. Load darts into both 12-dart clips, insert 1 into the blaster and store the other 1 in the storage stock. Power up the motor by holding down the acceleration button, and then let the darts fly! The indicator light blinks to let battlers know the clip is empty. customise the blaster with the swivel handle to stabilize shots and the 2 barrel-scopes that can be used as barrel extensions or targeting scopes. Expand the customising options with Nerf Modulus accessories and upgrade kits (each sold separately). With the full Nerf Modulus system, create over 1000 different combinations! Nerf and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.

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